Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Separated at School

          I think that they should not have single gender classes because want to be together not separated. Boys don’t want to talk to boys for six years. They want to talk to girls instead. I think it would be boring talking to the same people day after day night after night. Boys would be shy around girls after six of all boys’ classes. Then they will be together at work anyway so there should not be single gender classes. I think you would want to talk to someone from an opposite gender. They think a different way then boys do.     

Friday, March 25, 2011

No Single Gender Classrooms

        In my opinion, our school district should not create single gender classrooms in all middle schools. Some people like mixed classrooms. The boys and girls need to get along with each anther while they are kids. Our school district should not create single gender classrooms in all middle schools in order that girls and boys can communicate with each other

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Boys and Girls Together

In my opinion, our school district should not create single-gender classrooms in all middle school. If you are not around girls or guys you probably won’t get used to them. You will be shy of girls or guys. Also, girls can learn off boys and boys can learn off girls. Last but not least, girls can not be friends with boys and boys can not be friends with girls if you are in a single-gender classroom. That is why district schools should not create single-gender classrooms.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Time Capsule

Did you ever think what you put in a time capsule? I do. I would out pictures, games, and a computer to help people in the future can understand my life today .I would put pictures of me so everyone could see what I looked like in the past. I would also put game so that they could see what kept us entertained. Finally I would put a computer so they could see what I downloaded (and maybe some instructions so they could see how to hook it up) (maybe).so for all these reasons that is what I would want to put in my time capsule

Blast From The Past and More For The Futrue

If I had the chance to put any thing in a time capsule for the people in the future to know about me or the world I lived in. I would put jewelry, pictures, my baby blanket, my phone and Ipad in the time capsule to help people in the future understand my life today. Why pictures because I want all my memories preserved so that people could see how happy I was in the picture. I would also put my jewelry because it brought me joy and happiness so it should bring baby happiness like it did for me. But the most important thing I would put in the time capsule would have to be my one and only pride my PHONE! And my IPAD! I would put my Ipad in the time capsule because it is a very complex item to use and it would show them new technology .My phone because it would tell them lots of information. So for all these reasons I would put my jewelry, pictures, baby blanket Ipad, and phone in the time capsule. What would you put in a time capsule?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Neighborhood Improvement Program

I would like to establish a neighborhood improvement program to improve the lives of people in my community. It would stop gangs from coming in and reduce the influence gangs have on the other kids.  People can do many thing like help the planet, help the environment and even clean up your back yard! All people are allowed to join people. Members will take turns watching the neighborhood at night. For all of theses reasons, I believe that establishing a neighborhood program would help the people of my community and make our area a better place to live!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One Million Dollar Club

I would like to establish the one million dollar club to improve the lives of people in my community. The program is to raise one million dollars to allow poor families to live richer life-styles. The kids in the club will come 3 times each week. When they are not there, they will have fund raises 4 times each week in different places to raise money for food, medicines, and for shelter. This program would help community members and kids to feel good about them selves.  If poor people know there is help coming they will want to continue to live.